January 1st


First post ever of my first ever blog. Well… kinda. There’s another blog I’ve written for, but that shall not play any role here and now.

The point of this blog is to post at least one entry per day plus photo – or more precisely: one photo per day plus a few words. For no particular reason. Only for me and to document this year. Maybe it is to find out wether I’m disciplined enough to go through with it till Dec 31st. I’m the most undisciplined person I know after all. So there is a realistic chance I never get past one month.. week… day. There’s also a very realistic chance that no one reads this. That’s fine with me.

I’ve done a similar project last year. The difference: I took one photo per day not with the iPhone but with an analog camera and I didn’t write a blog about it.

My BFF and I have now decided to continue with our one-photo-per-day project but do it with the cell phone. She doens’t know though, that I’ve decided to write this blog. She’ll know eventually though, I guess… 😉

So… first pic of the year:

Eating #68 from the local cheap Mongole, drinking Lambrusco (what? Asian food and cheap Italian summer wine don’t go together? Says who??) and watching Sons Of Anarchy with my friend…  great start into the new year.

Can’t get over how awesome SOA is. We’re now done with seasons 1-6.  When comes 7 out on DVD finally???

Only show equally as good is Game Of Thrones. Yet have to watch seasons 4-5.  So much to watch, so little time.




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