January 2nd


The remains of the old year. That’s what you find in the side of the road when you walk up to the grocery in the morning of January 2nd in a two story town.

I don’t like NYE. Always makes me melancholy and depressed. And this is a depressing sight.

And then, on the 2nd day of the year, I encountered not one, but two mega rude people. First I was almost run over by an idiot in his car who didn’t care one bit that my pedestrian light was green. It was a matter of mere centimeters and he would’ve hit me. F-cking IDIOT!

Next one was an elderly bitch at the grocery who almost bumped into me but instead of saying “oh, sorry!” she didn’t even blink and walked away. I mean… that wasn’t a severe situation (unlike the first one with the guy in the car) but she just appeared like some really rude and frustrated-looking person.

Two rude and mindless people within only 15 minutes on the 2nd day of the new year. Hope that isn’t an indicator of what the year will have in store…



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