January 3rd

My BFF – lets call her S and I, we have a movie flat rate card from the German multiplex chain CinemaxX. Costs roughly 400€ per year and allows us to see as many movies as we please. On long movie days we manage to see up to 4 movies (one or two times we even saw 5). Usually Sat or Sun. Today it was a “light” day. Only 2 movies

I actually can’t believe I agreed to see The Peanuts. Only went to humor S. (she humors me too if necessary… that’s how we roll)  It wasn’t as bad as I thought though. But I’ve gotta say I’m probably one of the three people in the world who isn’t big on anything Peanuts.

Joy was alright, but JLaw was miscast  She did the best she could with that role but still I thought she wasn’t the right choice for that character. Divorced mother of two kids, struggeling with her life? An actress with a few years her senior would’ve been a better fit. I couldn’t get past seeing Jennifer Lawrence, not her character.

Oh, and yes I know… those are pretty uncreative choices for the ‘photo(s) of the day’. Sorry.






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