January 4th


First ‘real’ day at work after the holidays (the three between Xmas and NYE don’t really count) and it’s back to business as usual.

The photo for today has nothing to do with my work, though. I won’t post about work issues. I usually make a point to not talk office and work stuff after work. After work is after work and not the time and place for office gossip.

Today’s pic has insofar to do with work, that it was taken during lunch. And it’s a warning. At least for people who live in Germany and like to shop at Denn’s organic food grocery. I’ve just recently bought their tomato soup. “Tomato soup with vanilla”. Sounds weird. But then not. I thought it sounded interesting enough to try it.

And now I’m here to give a serious warning. Don’t. Buy. That. Soup. Except you want your tomato soup taste like Rotten Tomatoes. If not, steer clear from it. Never had a more disgusting soup ever in my whole life.

I want to make clear though, that Denn’s is – apart from selling Rotten Tomato Soup – a very very nice place to shop for your organic food (also vegan/vegetarian). And I’m sure there ARE people out there who will say that soup tastes good.

Not me though. Not me…


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