January 5th


This is not a food blog but I have to come back to yesterday’s tomato soup. Not directly that soup but the overall tomato topic. I want to make up for that awful taste of yesterday’s lunch and thought I’d make my own… not soup but tomato sauce. What’s better than a yummy tomato sauce on pasta.

I’m currently in a process of (partly) changing my eating habits (I’m forced to, actually) and have replaced e.g. some wheat products with spelt products. Such as bread and also pasta. And it tastes very very good. Especially the pasta I like and I don’t feel so “full” after eating them. (More about the different kinds of pasta you find -> here <-)

So after eating only a sheep milk yoghurt (which doesn’t taste that much different from cow milk yoghurt actually) and two apples for lunch I was looking forward to my spelt spaghetti with tomato sauce after work VERY much.

I took a pack of sliced tomatoes, added garlic, lots of fresh basil and oregano, and some sambal olek and that was it. Topped the pasta with the sauce and the sauce with grated Parmesan cheese. So good!!

So the picture of the day is again something tomato-ish… but this time it was yummy!

Oh, and it was again movie time today: S and I saw Jane Got A Gun and it was underwhelming. Problem was the weak script. There was neither suspense nor did I really care for any of the characters. Wasted opportunity. Almost fell off my chair though, when I read that Ewan MacGregor was in it. Seriously??? Never recognized him. Well done, dear make-up department!


3 thoughts on “January 5th

  1. The Year 2016 In 366 Photos Post author

    Had a different brand of organic spelt pasta yesterday and they weren’t good at all. There was no taste whatsover and the no-taste was so overwhelming that I also didn’t taste the olive oil, hot peppers, garlic and parmesan. Strange.



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