January 6th


I had a hard time, coming up with a photo of the day. Because today was nothing but a regular long working day. It’s been a while since I left work at 5:30pm. I mean… it’s not that I’m not used to it. I am. Unfortunately. But there had been more quiet times in December and times where I left while there was still some light outside. Today though was the monthly statistics day and that usually means: long hours.

And so this is a very boring entry today, since there’s also nothing else fun or interesting or weird or irritating to report.

It’s Epiphany today… which is also neither fun nor interesting… to me anyway. That day only marks the official end of the Christmas season here. If I lived in Bavaria, I’d have a day off again – I think the Bavarians are the only ones in Germany to enjoy a holiday again today… after all the holidays. Nice. But no reason to move to Bavaria.

In fact, there is no reason at all and ever for me, to move to Bavaria. I simply don’t like it there. Sorry, dear Bavarians.

How could I get from a boring working day to Bavaria?

Whatever. Here’s today’s photo that I took when clocking out at work. I hope there won’t be too many unspectacular photo days like today…


3 thoughts on “January 6th

  1. The Year 2016 In 366 Photos Post author

    If I start at 8am, the working day would officially end at 4pm. So 5:30 IS long. It’s ok if it happens now and then. It’s not okay when it becomes not the exception but the rule.

    What I don’t like about Bavaria? Their f-ing WE ARE THE SHIT!!! attitude! And their irritating accent. And the combination of accent and attitude is … well… yeah :-/ . They have very pretty landscapes… Munich is a beautiful city… but I just prefer the North in every possible aspect.



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