January 7th


A look at today’s weather: rain, rain and rain. Which surely isn’t nice. But I don’t complain because let’s face it: at this time of the year it could be snow, snow and snow. And that would be a nightmare. I know that a lot of people love snow in winter. And while I don’t have anything againt snow in general, it still sucks to commute in times of slippery streets and ice-scraping in the morning. Snow sucks in so many ways that outdo the positive aspects of it. At least as long as I have to get to work in the morning and I rely on my car. So… if there’s something that has to fall from the sky, let it be rain, thank you very much.

Other than that it was a busy day at work and a lazy day back home. I still have some Christmas deco up… only because I’m too lazy to put it away. I’ve procrastinated it to tomorrow.

It’s just the typical thing. I come home from work and it feels like all energy has been sucked out of me. All I want is hanging around on the couch, watching TV, staring into my cell phone… or read. Guess, tonight I’ll end up with the latter. The sound of rain against the window makes it even more cosy on the couch with a book. (Although I’m currently reading on my iPhone… but reading is reading, right?)


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