January 8th


Those arrived in the mail today. Three calendars in wide angle format, containing my own photos. Got them from Ifolor, a provider that I can definitely recommend. You get all kinds of photo products there (calendars in all shapes and forms, photo prints, photo books, mugs, puzzles, greeting cards) and everything can be designed with your own photos. There are several providers out there for that kind of stuff. I’ve tried three so far, and while they are all ok, Ifolor really has makes great calendars. They are the only ones I know so far that offer these wide angle format calendars.

It was a special 30%-off offer at the beginning of the new year and so I quickly looked for some nice photos and ordered three copies. One for me at home, one for my office and one for S (who was here and helped me decide what photos to use).

I must have a gazillion photos on my computer but I rarely ever do anything with them. It’s interesting how different a photo looks when you DO something with it. Like… frame it… make very large calendar pages out of it or put it into a photo book. It’s a shame that so many probably really good photos never really see the light of day because there’s no time I’m too lazy to do something with them.

At least now I DID something with 12 of them, so…

What else? Well… after yesterday’s all-day downpour it was sooo nice outside today. Blue sky, crisp cool air…  would have been the perfect opportunity to be out for a walk. Instead I had to sit in the office. At least it was a VERY productive day today, which is good. Makes working overtime not as bad, when you have a feeling to have really gotten stuff done. (Gotten stuff done? That sounds like very bad English. Sorry.)

Speaking of which: for a short while now I’m communicating in English with a colleague in our plant in Saxony. She’s rather savvy in English and loves the opportunity to use it more during the daily work routine, and I have a feeling she’s better than me, especially when it comes to business English, and so we decided to write our emails in English only and also help each other out or correct each other if necessary. Writing business English is such a completely different world and rather challenging. I have to look up tons of words. But it’s great fun and a good training, since I do not often have the opportunity to use English at work.

Oh, and if there are horrible mistakes/typos in these blog posts… there’s no auto correct or spelling check here, so I apologize in advance.



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