January 10th


Today’s photo shows the hallway of my apartment building. Six tenants live here and each of us has the cleaning part once per week. This week it was my turn. Only that I totally and completely forgot. Mostly the cleaning is done on Friday or Saturday of a week. However, it occured to me yesterday when I returned home late, that I had totally forgotten. I don’t think that this has ever happened in the more than 18 years I live here. But I don’t want to skip (it’s my duty after all), and so I went down around 8:30 this morning before breakfast to get the job done.

Speaking of breakfast: I’ve tried a vegan excuse for liver sausage today. As you know, I want to cut meat and wheat products for a while and although I’m not a vegan supporter (vegetarian, yes… vegan, no!), I haven’t found vegetarian liver sausage just yet and so I wanted at least try that stuff here. So far, the vegetarian cold cuts I’m eating taste just like regular cold cuts. Not much difference, if at all. Liver sausage however…

Doesn’t really look like real liver sausage to me but that should not stop me from trying it.


The verdict is in: it doesn’t really taste like good ol’ liver sausage but it’s edible with a layer of mustard. And since I like liver sausage with mustard anyway, it’s ok. But it’s not as comparable as e.g. mortadella is. No way!

I can also report, that the Christmas 2015 deco is now history and I’m back to “normal”. Thank God.

For those in Germany who watch #Tatort regularly: today’s episode  was amazing!!! Please who needs that idiot Till Schweiger and his action crap when we have stories like these to tell. Also, the girl who played Rebecca was extraordinairy!! Very intense. Well done.

Will close the day, the evening and the weekend now with a bit more reading before turning out the light. Much too early it will be Monday again. Sigh. Good night.


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