January 9th


Today was spent at the Rhein-Ruhr-Zentrum (RRZ) in Mülheim/Ruhr. Not only is it a typical shopping mall with lots of shops and a food court, but you also find the CinemaxX there. One of our two movie theaters we regularly visit. The other one is in Essen.

What’s nice about this one is that you can combine seeing a movie with doing some shopping or eating. Also, parking is free. The multiplex in Essen has more screens (16, Mülheim has 11) but you pay for parking (2,50 Euro for movie goers, no matter how long your car parks in the nearby public parking garage) and Essen’s largest mall is right across the street. But in Mülheim, everything is under one roof and we really prefer to go there.

It was a three-movie-day that started at 13:30, but we arrived earlier… around 11:00 to stroll through the shops and had the very typical German Kaffee & Kuchen (coffee & cake) at café Otto Bittner, a traditional pastry & confectionery, founded 110 years ago in Düsseldorf. We love to make a stop there every now and then for a cup of really good coffee and a piece of cake or pastry. My all-time personal fave is of course Frankfurter Kranz (Frankfurt Crown Cake). I just can’t resist… even though they have SO many wonderful other cakes to choose from. I’m sure they all taste just wonderful.

Took our sweet little time enjoying cake, coffee and a chat before heading up to the CinemaxX for the first movie of the day, which was The Revenant, starring Leonardo DiCaprio in a role that is most likely to get him his first Oscar nomination. S was very skeptical. I mean, she hates Leo. To say she’s biased wouldn’t even cover it. She also disliked the trailer and I was sure she’d hate the movie, even if it was the greatest movie on earth, just because she can’t get past Leo and his “babyface”, as she doesn’t get tired to mention. Me, I have neither anything against Leo, I think he’s a very good actor, nor did I see anything wrong with the trailer. While it wasn’t exactly clear what the movie was about at all, I had checked the internet before and halfway knew what was coming. I mean, if you’re interested in that kind of stuff and if you’re an avid reader of relevant sites on the net, you know the incredible hype around a) Leo’s performance and how much the poor guy has struggeled for his art, and also b) the movie itself. There’s hardly any doubt, if you believe the “experts”, that Leo is going to win that trophy. Nominated 4 times already but never won, now is HIS time. That’s what everyone keeps saying. I wasn’t sure though if that hype is just made up because Leo and his people are doing everything right now to get him that damn Oscar, or if it’s actually really such an outstanding performance. I was going in with an open mind – as I said, I like Leo as an actor and I was for some reason halfway positive that I’d like that movie – and was almost preparing myself to defend movie and Leo against S’s bias.

And then the unexpected happened: I found the movie extremely boring. And Leo annoyed me because all he did, more or less, was crawling through snow, grunting and moaning. Yes, he did that well. He definitely has the acting chops to deliver suffering and struggeling. But seriously… it was TOO MUCH!! I couldn’t stand the groaning anymore after a while. I couldn’t stand what his character went through and had to “endure” in his fight to stay alive. I didn’t feel a thing for him. In fact, I became angry. And it’s never ever a good sign when I start to get angry in a movie. It’s usually when the filmmakers try to FORCE emotion into our faces. On top of that there were so many things that just didn’t make sense or were so incredibly unrealistic! Yes, it was a movie. But I still don’t get how a broken ankle could “heal” so quickly and how his clothes never were frozen. And no, these are not spoilers. Don’t worry.

I’m afraid, Leonardo DiCaprio will win his first Oscar for a role that doesn’t deserve to be awarded with an Oscar. There were other roles where he showed his range and where that award would’ve been more deserving. But please not here.

Yes I’m well aware that I’m probably in the minority with my opinion. Then again: tastes are different, thank God. If anyone thinks that the movie was outstanding and the portayal of this character Academy-Award-worthy… fine with me.

Someone on Facebook gave me a “then do it better” comment when I had posted my opinion on the movie and Leo’s acting. What a STUPID comment. a) I haven’t chosen the profession of an actor (actress) because I can’t act, and therefore I can’t “do it better”.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to have an opinion,  b) I have never said that he can’t act and that his acting was bad. It wasn’t. All I’m saying is, that I don’t think that he deserves an Oscar for it, because there are other actors who had to deliver more for their money’s worth, and did so. And c) I was just stating a very personal opinion. I never said I would be able to deliver a better performance than Leo.

Anyway. The Revenant was not “my” movie. I wouldn’t tell anyone to NOT see it though. I’m sure there will be a lot of people who think it’s a masterpiece.

After more than 2,5 hours of boredom we were both hungry and went down to Storm’s restaurant and had a salad. A bit more than 30 minutes later we planted our behinds into the movie theater chair again for movie #2: The Danish Girl.

What a difference. No, of course you can’t compare the two movies because they couldn’t be any different. But speaking of acting and Oscar, I can only say: WOW, Eddie Redmayne. I knew that guy already when hardly anyone knew him and it doesn’t surprise me now to see him taking on high profile roles and DELIVERING. What a wonderful, touching and BRAVE performance it was. But it wasn’t only him, it was also the wonderful Alicia Vikander. I’m sure we’ll hear from her a lot in the not too distant future. I’ve loved her in everything I’ve seen so far (if you haven’t, please watch the excellent movie Ex Machina! She’s nominated for a Golden Globe for this one). While the story of Einar Wegener/Lili Elbe didn’t stay true to the real events 100%, that didn’t matter a bit. I loved the script, I loved the breathtaking set design, especially of old Paris, loved the costumes, loved the acting, down to all the supporting roles. And Eddie as transgender woman… acting at its best!

Between movie #2 and #3 we had one hour to kill and went back to Storm’s. There was no more shopping to do, S needed a bathroom, we both wanted a coffee, so…

While discussing the movies, a guy at the table next to us got a really great looking club sandwich. Not that we were both hungry again but… we ended up checking the menue for something small-ish. And ended up with Mozarella sticks with a hot chili dip. Mmmh!


Shortly after 20:00 it was time for the third and last movie of the day: Legend. Starring one of my fave actors, Tom Hardy (who was one of the better parts in The Revenant, by the way) playing the role of twins: Ronnie & Reggie Kray – The Kray Twins – two rather famous gangsters in London’s East End in the 50s and 60s.

I had been looking forward to that movie very much too. a) I loved the trailer and b) I love Tom Hardy. And Tom Hardy as twins? Hells YEAH!

In the end, the movie was just average. The script was a bit over the place, not really making clear if it was now a gangster movie, a comedy or a romance drama. It was a bit of everything. Not bad, but not told in a straight way. Hard to describe. Tom however was faboulos in his two roles. I LOVED especially his portrayal of out-of-his-mind Ronnie, who was the mentally ill one of the twins and a living and walking time bomb, yet a rather funny one at times.

After the movie none of us felt like driving home again but went to Storm’s a third time, now for a late-night drink: Pina Colada for S, Wodka/Red Bull for me.


A good time was had by all today.




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