January 14


F-ing White Sh-t is on its way

Yes I know… many of you love snow and have been longing for snow this non-winter. Fear not: it’s coming. Slowly but surely. A few flakes said hi this afternoon. They keep warning us that there will be more, starting Friday.

No, I don’t hate snow in general. But I hate it if I have to take care of snow clearing, ice scraping, slippery streets etc. In Germany, we have strict laws regarding clearing the pavement in front of our houses/buildings from snow. And no, it’s not the landlord’s problem. Well, yes it is, but the landlord has the right to let his tennants do the job.

If you do not keep the pavements in front of your house free of snow, staring at 7.00 am and anyone stumbles and gets hurt because of that, this person can easily sue you and have you pay compensation for pain and suffering etc.

So in my apartment house, the tennant who’s turn it is to clean the hall, is also responsible for clearing the pavement from snow. (At least it takes 5 weeks until it’s my turn again). That means: getting out at 6am with the snow shovel. Ever shoveled snow? It’s a wonderful thing :-/

And that is only one part of the whole mess. So whoever is screaming I WANT SNOW!!! most definitely doesn’t have to take care of clearing pavements from snow at 6am, doesn’t have to free their car from ice and snow in the morning before work, doesn’t have to slip and slide over icy streets and doesn’t have to ruin their boots in slush.

Yes I might be exaggerating now slightly (yes, only slightly)… and yes, a snowy landscape really looks wonderful… that’s about it with the positive things.

Gimme. A. F-cking. Break. Want snow? Fine. Travel to ski and winter resorts and have a nice vacation. But leave me alone with it on my daily commute etc.

The thing is: we’ll be getting snow any day now and bitching won’t help. Shut up and deal with it.

In other sad news, another genius has left the stage: R.I.P. Alan Rickman. Such a wonderful, talented actor. I was quite shocked when I heard it this afternoon. Another one who died too soon with only 69 and again it was cancer. It started with Lemmy, then Bowie, now Rickman. And we’re only in the 2nd week of the new year. God help us…

I was never a true Harry Potter fan but I’ve seen most of the movies and liked them. Alan Rickman did not play Professor Snape, he WAS Snape. A villain (or was he?) that everyone loved to hate or hated to love. No, these are not my words. But they are so very true.

Not to forget his roles in Sense and Sensibility or Love, Actually.

Very sad.

#professorsnape #cancersucks #ripalanrickman





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