January 29

The place to be and the guy to see tonight. 🎸😎😍

(Hell yes I KNOW I’m posting this late! But better late than never, right? Just pretend it’s still Friday when you read this, ‘k?)

More about the wonderful extraordinary #LeeMacDougall another time.

Because I want to make up for my late-ness, here are some more pics.

Β “Happiness was created to be shared”. Had this on my little calendar this morning. It was the day when it was decided that S would come on tour with me after all. It was the right and best decision. Also, this tour wouldn’t have been the same without her.

Β The wonderful, extraordinary Lee MacDougall live onstage.

Venue from the outside at night. Said good bye to our friends that we had met up with and walked back to our hotel.

Arriving at the hotel 5 minutes later.

All that is left of my voice at this time are hoarse fragments.


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