January 30

Pic taken on the way from #Karlsruhe to #Bremen. 6 hours on the road. We love road trips.

Played with some filters and fun apps for this.

By way, my voice was COMPLETELY gone this morning. All I was able to do was whispering. Stopped at a pharmacy and bought an antibiotic spray. I would have normally needec a doc.  This felt like a full blown laryngitis. Last time I had one and lost my voice completely was on tour with Bon Jovi in Kiel. I think in 2003.

Also… cough was coming up.

Bloody hell !!!

#LeeMacDougall plays Café Erlesenes tonight. One of the most charming places I’ve seen. If you ever happen to be in the area, go and have a coffee and try their delicious home made cakes.

Not the rule that the audience can witness the soundcheck. Fun!!! (I’ve heard, someone loved that red sweater so much 😉) (That White-haired guy belongs to the venue, by the way.) (Am I allowed to post photos of the artist while still soundchecking and not in his casual clothes? Well… yeah I guess. As Long as I don’t post sounbites of the soundcheck 😉 )

Weaving along the tables, playing unplugged. So beautiful!

No filters and apps were used for the rest of the photos 😏


2 thoughts on “January 30

  1. The Year 2016 In 366 Photos Post author

    I have a history with throat diseases since I was a kid. When I’m sick, there’s never not the throat involved one way or the other. Thing is, I would have needed stronger medicine. And stop talking completely. Both didn’t happen. And now we’re more than a week later and my voice is still hoarse. :-/



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