February 1

So this was supposed to be a video. Instead it’s just the screenshot of the video file because obviously WordPress can’t handle .mov files nor .mp4. Even downloaded a mov converter… to no avail. Fine. Luck you because now you don’t have to hear that f-ing buzz saw sound that was coming from the construction area next door for a good part if the day and ruined our nerves. And as if my nerves weren’t already ruined anyway. 

Normally this would have been an off day. In fact I’m off the whole week. But we hat sh-tloads of work to do right now and I decided to come in to get a few things off of my plate that couldn’t wait till next week. Wanted to be gone by 3pm at the very latest. 

Instead I got 500 other things on my desk and vould only start what I had came in for sometime after lunch and ended up being there past 5 o’clock. That’s not that much more you say? Well, for me it was and on top of it I was on my last nerve because of the delay, the NOISE and a couple other things. 

Overall it was. rotten day!!

Only good thing: it was decided in a conversation with her doc, that S definitely skips the hospital, that there’s now a chance for an alternative treatment and that it would be more hazardous to her health if she stayed home instead of coming on tour with me.

Back home there was no time to relax and pack bags for me though. The report from the Bremen show needed to be written. I’ll spare you tge details of the other things that didn’t work out that evening and I could only upload the report around 22:00. Too late… 20:00 would have been better. But here was the 2 hr delay again, see?

Anyway… the day couldn’t be saved – mood-wise.

Tomorrow will be a fresh and new one. 


2 thoughts on “February 1

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Glad that rotten day is behind you! We have construction going on in our office building. That steady hammering or whatever is annoying but that’s what headphones are for. Did you try that? Drown it out with LMD!


  2. The Year 2016 In 366 Photos Post author

    Anyone here from Germany reading this blog? A person with a regular office job, who’s allowed to listen to music during working hours via headphones? No seriously, I would love to hear if that’s possible. Like, say, when you work in HR or Sales or Purchasing… you name it. Because then I’ll send my application to your company right away. Thanks.

    Seriously, girl. I don’t work in a isolated cubicle/work station. I have to and want to communicate with colleagues, with employees who come to the office, with people on the phone constantly. Also I couldn’t concentrate on my work with ear buds on. Radio in the background is okay, but that’s it. I’ve never heard of people with office jobs like mine who would be allowed listening to music via headphone here. You must be very lucky. Or I don’t know shit. That’s always possible, too.



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