February 5


A photo of a stupid Currywurst Pommes Mayo has to serve today as Photo of the Day. Thing is, I didn’t take another photo on the 5th. It was at a service station restaurant on the 5+hr drive home from Leipzig and I was feeling more and more unwell. I needed something simple and it tasted good and although it wasn’t the purpose to post another food pic, you have to live with it.

I think that my body finally gave up, now that the distraction of being on the road, tourlife and concerts was gone. S drove the rest of the route because I really didn’t feel like it. At home I left the bags in the hall where I had put them down, wrote a quick message on FB, got a bit emotional about it (guess that was part of “letting go” and finally giving my body the rest it needed… feeling with force now how sick I really was) and then tried to sleep… which was impossible. Can’t breathe… coughing won’t stop… ah well. Spare you the details.

I’m writing all this on the 6th, obviously. I’m still not feeling really well but I wanted to get that post done.



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