February 7

Took an eucalyptus bath. Thought it would help. Of course it didn’t. 

Still can’t breathe. People with asthma must feel like this. 

Also… finished my book. Will talk about that when I can breathe again. 


2 thoughts on “February 7

  1. The Year 2016 In 366 Photos Post author

    Lungs full of fluid??? God forbid NO! You don’t think I would be at home but in a hospital if there was fluid in my lungs or if I had pneumonia. My lungs are clear, thank God. The bronchia (sp) are the culprit. I was even asked if there’s a history of asthma in my family. Thing is: my Grampa had big bronchia problems and my biological father died of a lung disease, so… But as I said, my lungs are not affected right now.



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