February 12

I didn’t feel good after returning home from the show in Duisburg and I woke up at night, still not feeling well and I was wondering for a second if I had jeopadized my recovery with yesterday’s activities. But then, waking up the next morning after more than 9 hrs of sleep, I actually felt a tad bit better. Did some online Streetteam work (writing the article of the show, editing photos, updating the Streetteam Facebook page and website), took a long eukalyptus bath and then packed an overnight bag. Tonight’s show would take place in Wiehl at a really cool place named Artfarm. It’s not only cool music location but there’s a restaurant attached and a small hotel. Everything under one roof.

When we arrived we saw Lee and Chris (support act) sitting in Lee’s small black car parked out in front. There was no space left so we parked at the back of the house. They didn’t open until 17h but that was only a few minutes away. We got the key to our room and were told that the restaurant wouldn’t open before 19h. Too bad, since we were hungry. But then it left me some time to lay down and rest. Every opportunity to rest was welcome since, really, I shouldn’t be here and I shouldn’t do this. I should be at home in my bed. But we’ve covered that topic yesterday, didn’t we.

19h sharp we went down and sat down in the restaurant. Basically it’s all one big room with a tiny stage, a big bar, 6 restaurant tables and more tables with bar stools on the other side of the room.

What I spotted immedately were some framed goodies: someone here was a big Foo Fighter’s fan. Even a guitar from Dave Grohl, signed by him, was hanging on the wall. Learned that the Foo’s keyboarder knows someone who’s connected to the Artfarm and sparing you the complicated details, one fine day the whole band ended up in a recording studio that this certain someone has. Yes, in Wiehl, right in the middle of nowhwere. And one day when they played a show in nearby Cologne, they stopped by on their day off (which was also the off day of the Artfarm – Monday) to record something in the studio and to have a bite to eat in that restaurant. Dave fucking Grohl sat on the same chair that I almost sat on (had told S to take a pic of me sitting on that chair but then we forgot.. DAMN).

So yeah. All in all the evening was really great… it was a place I would love to come back to one day. And no, I won’t post a photo of Lee again. I want to post a photo of a drawing that was part of the bar.


No, I’m not posting it because I like the painting. I don’t. And I don’t post it because I like the quote. Because I don’t. And I so wholeheartly disagree with the quote, that I thought I’d choose this photo for the blog today.

It’s boring when you live by yourself? Really? Not for me. Not at all. In fact, I couldn’t imagine to live with someone at this point. I’m living by myself since I moved out of my parent’s house when I was 27. And I never wanted it any other way. It’s a glorious thing to live by myself. I was never a kid that needed company. I was never a person who felt lonely when she was home alone. I love being alone. I love livng alone. And it doesn’t mean I’m a lonely person. I’m not. At all. But I need to have my freedom and independence to live on my own.

I understand that maybe the majority of people out there thinks differently. I don’t.





2 thoughts on “February 12

  1. The Year 2016 In 366 Photos Post author

    It was already in 2011 when the Foos were at the Artfarm so I doubt that footage will show up in a recent programme. Also the lady who told us about it didn’t mention any filming. But there are photos of Dave and the guys sitting at the bar 😉



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