February 14

Let’s talk about a really cool location in Cologne today, called “Die Wohngemeinschaft” (which translates to shared flat or shared apartment).

And indeed the concept just looks like you’re in some kind of open shared flat. There’s a bar (which is basically the kitchen and the center of the ‘apartment’) and there are individual “rooms”. In one lives the romantic Annabell, then there’s Jojo who lives in his old Volkswagen bus, Easy who loves Rock’n Roll and Mai Li who loves to play table tennis. It’s only imaginary residents though, but the rooms are designed as if they were real people.

The rest of the “flat” looks very cool in its 50s design. There are couches and bookshelves. Between 15h and 19h the Wohngemeinschaft is like a café, they serve homemade cake and small dishes like different soups, all freshly made from organic products. After 19h it’s a bar/club.

Also part of it is the so called Theatre where differnt kinds of artists perform. This can be bands, singer/songwriters, or readings of authors.

And last but not least, even a Hostel is part of it. Reminded me a bit of the Artfarm, which is restaurant, music club and hotel all in one, but still both locations couldn’t be more different from one another.

Lee played his last show in Germany there last Sunday. We arrived around 17h and had a red lentil soup. SO GOOD!!! Later on coffee and Prosecco & Baileys.

We loved that place from the start and we heard from Lee and support Chris that they TOTALLY loved it, too. They both also stayed here in the Hostel.

We would love to come back here. No matter if it’s for an event or just to hang out. Their staff is VERY friendly too. We all even got a free beer or two after the show was over. Excellent 🙂










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