February 16

I think I’ve mentioned before how hard it is to come up with a daily photo for such a blog if you are trapped inside of your apartment with nothing to do, than sitting on the couch reading or watching TV, trying to feel better, so I’m really really sorry for a lack of interesting pics.

The most interesting that happened today was the heating engineer who showed up for the annual maintanance of the gas heating. Not that the guy himself was interesting. Gawd NO! But other than him I saw no one today, spoke to no one today and all I did was reading, dozing, eating and watching TV.

And so today’s photo is a creeper photo of a guy working at my heating. Of course I made sure he stays anonymous 😉


And just when I thought the day was over, I cut my finger on my new mandoline. I think on Twitter I called it grater but I think a mandoline and a grater are two different things? So I think it was a mandoline after all. I was cutting a carrot into slices. And reached the end of the carrot and didn’t pay attention and … dang… almost cut off a slice of my right thumb. OUCH! That really hurt! And there was a lot of blood and it wouldn’t stop bleeding at first. Had some trouble finding a bandage because a simple band aid wouldn’t do.

In the end I found something and now my thumb looks like this.


As if my bronchitis wasn’t bad enough. Sigh.



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