February 17

Hey! I left the house today, can you imagine?

Well, yes I have left the house before to see shows of my fave artist, although I probably better shouldn’t have. But this time I left the house because I thought it was time to MOVE. To stop sitting around, lyring around, feeling every nerve in my back. I had bragged to S about how I was feeling more or less 100% well again and had even thought about going back to work early. But hey… I’m not THAT stupid 😉

And so I took a shower, got dressed properly and walked to the grocery up the street. A max 5 minute walk.

Took a pic along the way. Nothing fancy, but at least something other than what’s inside of my apartment or inside a venue of a Lee show.

This little park is right near my house. Velbert can look really nice if you choose the right frame 😉 Pics lie, though…

Anyway… it was not much later until I reached the frist pedestrian light – the street goes slightly uphill there – and I felt I needed some oxygen. I was totally out of breath and felt asthmatic (is that a word? too lazy to look it up now). Continued to the grocery and when I was finally there I felt like after a marathon and so exhausted that I wanted to turn around immedately, get home and lie down in bed.

So much for “I’m practically 100% well again and go back to work tomorrow”.

To be honest, I was a bit shocked though. But I see that sitting around on the couch doing nothing doesn’t tell you anything about how well you really are.

Got what I needed and slowly went back. Took this photo of the big old chestnut tree that stands right at the entrance of the above park.

(It’s the same chestnut tree who’s falling chestnuts are responsible for some dents on my car roof and the hood because I know I shouldn’t park under it in autumn but still do :-/).


Thank God it was only downhill from there. Then up the stairs to my apartment and when I walked though my door, first thing I did was grabbing that damn asthma spray. Good. Lord.

Unpacked everyting and layed down on the couch to rest and try to catch my breath. I found that a bit disturbing, to be honest. I hadn’t really felt sick anymore and thought the breathing problems had gone for good.

I tried to tell myself that I was just weak from not doing anything for weeks now. (Sitting in a car and then in a music club and sitting again on the way back home in the car doesn’t count as “moving”.) I just needed more activity again and everything would be fine.

Later took this pic of a really nice sunset (which doesn’t look even half as nice in the pic) from my living room window.


And if you’re sick to read about my sickness… don’t worry. I am, to write about it. And I’m looking forward to going back to business as usual from Monday and hope that whatever it is that keeps me from breathing straight will be gone by then.

There are still some no-sickness topics I want to talk about… like the last two books I have finished… but I see that I’m procrastinating. I’ll get there though. I promise.


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