February 22


Hopelessly Hooked

Today’s photo was, obviously, not taken with my cell phone, unlike all the other photos of this blog so far.

And it wasn’t really clear what the blog photo of the day would be until I returned home and saw it lying there, on the chest of drawers in the hall.

But let’s start at the beginning.

Today marked the first day back at work after three weeks. As you know, if you read this blog frequently, the first week was spent on vacation (aka on tour with Lee MacDougall), the other two weeks were spent at home with a bronchitis. So today was the first time again after a (for me) very long time getting up early and back to the usual routine. But getting out of bed was pretty hard this morning and in the end I had to hurry a bit. With the result that I forgot my phone at home.


If you’re anything like me, you understand that this is pretty much a disaster. Belive it or not but my first thought when I noticed was: how do I take my pic of the day now? I wanted it to be work or office related… or at least something from when I’m commuting or whatever else that’s happening OUTSIDE of my apartment.

But that’s not all. More importantly… how would I be able to function if I couldn’t check my phone every 4.3 minutes.

4.3 minutes? We’ll get to that later.

If you’re wondering now, whether I have a boring job with nothing to do… that’s not the case. Quite the contrary. Yet, I somehow always find the time for a quick check to see if there’s anything new.

Sounds to you like I’m an addict? You’re right. Basically I’m an internet addict since I got my very first computer many many moons ago. Things didn’t get better when I got my first poor-man’s-smartphone and certainly worse when I got the first iPhone.

No, it’s not like I am online 24/7. I certainly have normal sleeping hours, I get my work done and I have friends and social contacts and I’m out and about VERY often. But still I can say that my computer is on, as soon as I get home and that I have my phone with me at all times. It’s the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I check before I turn the lights out again. It’s glued to my hand.

You know these highly annoying people who run through the city while staring at the phone, risking to bump into people and lamp posts and risk to get run over by a car because they don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them? No, I’m not that bad (although I’ve had my moments), but I’m also not that far away. Have I checked the phone while driving? It happened, yes. But I’ve stopped doing it. It’s CRAZY. People haved died, doing it. So, no, I don’t. (Stopping at a traffic light is a different situation though…)

So you can imagine that I was not amused when I discovered that I was phone-less during the day.

I’ve survived though. And I found out, when I returned home and checked all “relevant” sites, that I hadn’t really missed anything. Of course not. But does that mean it will change anything? That I would care less if it happened again tomorrow? The answer is no.

This is a pretty actual topic these days: how addicted to our smartphones are we? Funny enough, while checking Twitter earlier, I came across this very interesting article “We Are Hopelessly Hooked” by Jacob Weisberg. According to a UK study we check our phones 221 times a day, which is an average of 4.3 minutes. Sounds about right to me. So yes, I’m hopelessly hooked, too. And no change in sight.

As I said earlier, today’s photo was taken with the iPad. If I wouldn’t have an iPad, there still would have been my old iPhone 5c to solve the “how can I take a pic of my phone” problem. I’m not saying this because I want to brag. It’s just to show how much of an online/computer/smartphone/modern communication device junkie I am.

At least, the fact that i forgot my phone, was good for another overly lengthy blog article 😉

Hadn’t this blog oroginally started as a “1 pic per day” project? Hmmm…



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