February 27

Visiting S at the hospital today. It was a really lovely day… sunshine and blue sky… and so we went for a walk through the hospital park and the road up and down.

Brought my new-old camera…  you know the one I had told you about here.

So today’s pic(s) of the day were not taken with some Apple device for once 😉

IMG_0468-2-1A little gift for S 🙂


Snowdrops. They are cute even when there’s no snow. In Germany, we call them Schneeglöckchen which translates to “little snow bells” 🙂

Ugly hospital architecture.


Wonder where it’s going…

moss on the tree trunk

or b/w ?

best buddies walking….





One thought on “February 27

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    That cracked Easter egg with the bunny inside is too, too, cute! I love it! I want it!

    What a beautiful park!!!

    Snowdrops! Have never seen them before! I love them.

    I always wonder about the people in the airplanes way up in the sky. Who are they, where are they going, what are they thinking…

    Definitely prefer the color picture of the path in the park because of the beautiful green grass! Wow!

    Love the best buddies walking photo.



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