March 4

German Bread

If you’re from Germany, I don’t have to tell you what bread means for this country and for us Germans. If you’re not, well…

The reason I come up with this is because of a photo a friend of mine posted on Instagram just recently. She lives in London for one year, which is a dream-come-true for her. She LOVES it there. But the other day she received a package from her family in Germany. In it, among other things, a couple packs of Schwarzbrot (dark bread).

It’s such a typical thing for a German who lives abroad. If you ask one what they miss the most while living out of their home country, “German bread” is a very common answer.

First thing I do when I was e.g. on vacation in another country, even if it’s just for a week or two, is buying fresh bread from a German bakery.

Not that other countries aren’t able to make decent bread. But it’s just not the same as ours. We’re well known for having the biggest bread variety in the world. And you can be sure that you get very good quality bread… when you buy it at a bakery for sure, but for the most part the packaged stuff you get in the supermarket is ok as well.

Don’t get me wrong… I actually like to try other bread when I’m in another country. Nothing like those typical soft rolls in the Netherlands. Love them! But after two weeks on vacation there I’m ready for a good German dark bread 😉

Been to the USA a few times and love their bagels. An Everything bagel with cream cheese in the morning is heaven! But after three weeks, the first thing I do when I come home, is going to a bakery to get me some bread.

Above pictured you see a spelt bread that I got from a bakery in Velbert that morning. Just like with noodles I’ve changed to spelt products with bread as well. Not so long ago it wasn’t in fact that easy to find spelt bread in a bakery (at least not in a Two-Story-Town like Velbert). This has changed thank God. This one here is my favorite at the moment.

What else? Well… we got some snow again. Snowed almost all day and finally stopped in the afternoon. You expect me to bitch now, right? Naaahhh.. let’s try to look at it…um… positively :-/

Pretty slush on the company parking lot – part 1. Isn’t it nice?

Pretty slush – part 2. Complete with the awesome feeling of wet feet because you didn’t see that much snow coming and put on the wrong shoes this morning. Fun times!

Standstill in a traffic jam because of ice on the street. Wonderful. Leaves you time to check our phone and take photos and things like that. Love it!

And lastly this. Nothing to bitch say about that one 😉






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