March 5

S could leave the hospital from today 12h till Sunday 18h. Awesome! Firstly we went to the Rhein-Ruhr-Zentrum in Mülheim, a shopping mall that also houses a CinemaxX movie theater.

Shopping was of course the plan, then we got a banana split…


… and saw the movie Zootopia (German title: Zoomania. Can anyone explain to me, why the stupid Germans once again changed the original English title for a different English title? :-/ )

How ADORABLE was that movie, by the way? OMG! One of the best animated movies I’ve ever seen!

After a bite to eat at Storm’s we drove to Essen to see Danish Indie artist Ida Gard live in concert at the GREND.

We’ve learned about Ida Gard from a friend who was once tour manager of Bobby Long and also of the Lee MacDougall/Paper Aeroplanes tour in 2014. She’s Ida’s German manager and she has recommended Ida to us several times and sent us a Facebook invitation to visit a show of Ida’s tour.

Since she played in Essen, which is just around the corner, we decided to go. We hadn’t even listened to Ida’s songs, with the exception of the title track of her new album ‘Womb’, that we both liked.

Gotta say that Ida’s show was really good. I wouldn’t say I liked each and every song, but she’s definitely a very good performer and I liked her performance and the way she connected with the audience. She’s not alone on stage but performs togther with a (female) drummer who’s name is Anne Kirstine Winkler. Ida plays guitar… mostly electric guitar and sometimes accoustic guitar. Very good voice, very good stage presence.

This is the official video of her latest single ‘Womb’ out of the album with the same title

And this is the official video of the single ‘Doors’ out of the album with the same title



One thought on “March 5

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    First of all, you are KILLING me with these ice cream pictures. When I come to visit you, and I feel certain I will now that I’m becoming a frequent flyer, you will have to take me directly from the airport to wherever you are getting these beautiful ice creams with fancy cookies.

    I tried to get mom to let me take her to see zootopia. It was playing at her two-screen movie theater. She didn’t feel like it.

    I LOVE IDA!!!!!

    The reason it took me so long to get to this post is because it had video to check out. I think the other posts I need to comment on have either audio, video, or lots of pics. For the lots of pics I’ll move over to the laptop.

    Anyway! Ida! I watched both vids. Can’t believe it’s the same girl. She looks so different. I love both looks. I love both songs! Really good. I think we have more Ida in an upcoming post but for now this is all I have time for, unfortunately. Mountains of laundry are staring at me and I need to scramble to assemble some kind of Easter together no matter how small or pathetic.



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