March 11

From Dawn To Dusk

First thing in the morning, the trash collection guys blocked the street. Happens when I forget that I shouldn’t drive that route shortly before 8pm. But hey… I don’t complain. I’m thankful that they are willing to do this job.

The road looked a tad bit nicer when I drove to Hattingen after work. I had my first Thai massage appointment scheduled. And now please take your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about non-erotic, traditional Thai massage 😉

In their waiting room. I’m very curious. Place was recommended to me by a workmate and S. And you have to wait for a first appointment at least three months. It’s how fully booked they are.

And I can confirm that it was well worth the wait. WOW!!! I have some problems with my lower back area and I felt so much better afterwards. They recommended I drink a hot tea when I’m back home and rest on the couch with e.g. a hot-water bottle. Sounds good to me.

On my way back home. You think I take too many photos while driving? You’re right. But I couldn’t resist.

Stopped along the way at my fave Mongolian restaurant and got me some spicy curry chicken, put my hot water bottle Tiger in my back and enjoyed the rest of the evening.



One thought on “March 11

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    The trash truck looks like it’s in an alley rather than a street! Are one-lane streets plentiful in your neighborhood? And interesting that the guys have to get out of the truck to get the trash. Our trash trucks have a thing that comes out, lifts the bins and dumps them into the trucks. No need to get out.

    Thai massage and curry sounds heavenly and HOW CUTE IS THAT TIGER HOT WATER BOTTLE COVER???????????



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