March 13


S has met someone in the hospital (N, who was released by now) who’s an art student at the Uni in Essen. They run an exhibition each year, displaying art work of selected students. Paintings, photographs, sculptures, light installments and other projects are on display there.

I have to admit that I’m no art expert. I’m pretty much a philistine. Same goes for S. It’s a bit like with wine. If I try it and it tastes good for me, then I really don’t care if it’s a €2.99 bottle and the experts are disgusted. If it tastes good, it tastes good. So if I look at a painting and like it, I don’t actually care if an art expert is raising their eye brow at me because it’s a really shitty painting.

Gotta say though, that I’m not so much into paintings anyway. I’m very much a photography person.

But we were just simply interested in visiting that exhibition and S wanted to support N. It’s not that you HAVE to love everything you see in an exhibition, right?

It turned out to be an interesting afternoon. We saw some actually very interesting works of art but also a lot of (for us!) WTF stuff.

I took some photos here and there, but what you see in the photos is not necessarily what I liked.

This one, I took just for no particular reason and cropped it. The black… thingies left and right don’t belong to the pictures but are the window frames and the background is a part of the next building outside.

img_0037Also not taken for a special reason. We just sat in that room on chairs, drinking a beverage, waiting for N to come. That was my view. Pic was edited to b/w.

img_0038img_0039Those two photos above are definitely WTF subjects. I really don’t see any sense in either (maybe there is none, who knows) and I don’t know what the artists wanted to tell us (maybe nothing?) but I can’t even see beauty or something interesting in them. Sorry.

img_0040N told us that these things that kinda look like large paint brushes represent Chinese characters and that a Chinese person would be able to read what’s “written” here. Okay… interesting. But that’s it. I’m not overwhelmed.

img_00431 Euro-Cent coins

img_0044Copper nails.

Both exhibits are from the same person. At first I thought that the nails and coins were kept together with glue. But no! If you make a wrong move and throw over the stand where they are sitting on, the art work is destroyed LOL. N said that the student who made those is a VERY anal and details-orientated person. I kinda liked both the coins and the nails.

From afar it wasn’t exactly clear … I only saw a certain pattern. But looking closely, you see that this contains of the same photo, one straight, one upside down. This was a really big… picture, I only took a photo of a small part. Wouldn’t put this on the wall in my home, but I liked the idea of designing it.

Those figures were actually created by N herself. I can asure you that they looked a LOT better in reality than they look in these photos because you can see all the detailed work. Both S and I liked them… especially the one with the book.

N told us that they are made from aluminium foil and adhesive tape, colored with a special paint and pigment coating. It takes 35-40 hours for her to create one figure.

She showed us others that are not part of this exhibition and they all looked very…. sad. Troubled. She told us that they represent a certain part of her life.

There was already someone interested in buying the one with the book. N is selling them for €150 (price is negotiable).

My faves were two paintings that were both in a VERY beautiful shade of very dark blue with some lighter elements. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a pic of them but I really really liked them.

We also came across the portfolio of a photographer student. We both found her photos very fascinting. Not in the sense that I would frame them and put them up on my wall. But from her technique and how these images come together and how she’s playing with light and dark spaces. VERY interesting. If you want, check out her website 

Altogether it was a very nice and interesting afternoon. And it was great to hear some details behind some of the artwork because N knows a lot of the students and what they are working on.

After that we went to the restaurant Lukas in Essen-Kupferdreh. If you click here, you can see some photos of what it looks like inside and out. It’s located in the historic building of the old Kupferdreh train station which began its service already in 1898. It’s a VERY popular place and usually very crowdy. Their food is to die for!

Oh, and I forgot that we also found the time to take a stroll along the nearby Bladeneyesee (not a natural lake but a water reservoir). It was just such a very very lovely day. Very cold but sunny and so so nice!



Just like yesterday I took a lot more photos with my camera but they are still on the memory card. Hope there’ll be a chance to post some of them at another time.

And lastly… this is not a political blog and I have no intention to make it one. This is just a silly little photo blog with some useless babbling of mine, and it won’t change. But I’d like to point out one thing because of the results of elections in three of our states today:

I AM   D I S G U S T E D  !!!!

Anyone in this country  pointing fingers at the USA and what’s going on with that idiot Trump? We’re no better here. This is getting downright scary! Looking at you specifically, Sachsen-Anhalt. Shame on everyone who have voted for these Nazis! I don’t get it.

That’s it.


5 thoughts on “March 13

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Hey! Who is your other reader who has commented here? I thought since there were two replies that I must’ve replied already, but then I’m like “I don’t think so!!!” so I looked to see and then I saw that someone else has discovered your blog! Awesome!

    My internet seems to be lightning fast now, so whatever the chick did “reset your profile” worked.

    What the hell is a philistine? Don’t worry, I’ll Google it. From what you wrote after it about art and wine, I’m probably one, too, whatever it is.

    I like the 2nd photo down…view taken while sipping beverages in chairs edited to b&w.

    I pretty much like the same art work that you like and was meh about the ones you were meh about.

    Checked out Angela’s photos but they don’t grab me.

    Checked out Lukas. Very cool! What room did ya’ll sit in?

    Didn’t know there was scary politics going on in Germany. Can you tell us in a nutshell what’s what?


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Reader #2 of this blog is my dear old friend Irma 🙂

    Philistine according to Wiki: “In the fields of philosophy and æsthetics, the term philistinism describes the social attitude of anti-intellectualism that undervalues and despises art, beauty, spirituality, and intellect; ‘the manners, habits, and character, or mode of thinking of a philistine’.[1] A philistine person is an individual who is smugly narrow of mind and of conventional morality whose materialistic views and tastes indicate a lack of and indifference to cultural and æsthetic values.”

    At the Lukas we sat in the room where the bar is.

    I was talking about the relatively new political party “Afd” (Alternative für Deutschland = Alternative for Germany). They are basically anti-Euro, anti-immigation, ani-gay-marriage and support ancient gender roles (traditional family patterns like: men earn the living, women stay at home, get children and are housewives) among other batshit crazy things. They are pretty much right-wing idiots and think that feminism as a “left-wing” ideology. That’s it pretty much in a nutshell. Problem is that many people here are unhappy with how our government is handling the refugee situation right now and these dangerous people seem to be able at the moment to push all the right buttons for some people who think that Germany will totally turn into a muslim country because we help refugees who are fleeing from terror and war in their country, and also think that all the refugees are basically terrorists. It’s the typical scenario of fueling fear. Don’t even get me started. The AfD is dangerous. Those who vote for them only hear what they are saying about the refugee problem right now. They haven’t fully grasped what they stand for in general. Those who vote for them are to fucking dumb and lazy to care. I’m sure the Donald would love what the AfD guys have to say.


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