March 14


“… with Cheese Dip & Jalapenos, please!”

It was time again to see a movie. Yes, on a boring Monday evening. Mostly because I won’t have time for this in the next two days and I’m not sure if the movie will still be in theaters next Thursday and I really don’t want to miss this one.

It’s Spotlight and has won this year’s Academy Award for Best Movie. It was the movie that beat Leo DiCaprio & His Struggle. And so well deserved, I gotta say. It’s about that group of investigative journalists that work for the Boston Globe and uncover the huge scandal about child abuse in the Catholic Church…. not only in Boston but worldwide … that was all over the place in 2002. These journalists all won the Pulitzer Prize for this.

How refreshing to see a movie that features nothing but a really really great story and an outstanding ensemble of actors. No big effects, action sequences, CGI, superheroes or Endless Suffering is really needed to tell a fascinating story.

Also, I don’t do this often, but I did it here: getting me some nachos with cheese dip and jalapenos. Are you a popcorn or a nachos type of movie goer? I’m definitely a nachos person. Popcorn only once in a blue moon. And if you’re a nachos person: cheese dip or salsa dip? For me, definitely cheese! I love that godawful fake-looking processed stuff that they call cheese (what’s it made of anyway? I may not really want to know.).

I’m a big cheese lover. But “real” cheese, please. Not some processed kind of cheese-excuse. With the one exception of the cheese dip for nachos in movie theaters. It’s never enough for me. I would really like the large order because then you have two containers with dip instead of only one, but the amount of nachos you get with it is a tad bit much. So what, you say? Just throw away what you don’t eat? Um… no! I don’t pay what is a ridiculous price anyway (€5,60 for the small size already – beverage not included) and throw away half of it, only to have more cheese.

And of course the jalapenos on top are a MUST.


5 thoughts on “March 14

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    WE call the chips tortilla chips and the whole combination of the tortilla chips & nacho cheese sauce is what makes it “nachos”. Can’t be nachos if there’s no cheese. 😀 If it doesn’t have cheese then it’s just chips & salsa. 😀


    1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

      Yes I know that nachos are only called nachos in combination with cheese. But only because you told me once! I’m not sure if that’s even common knowledge over here.

      And the guys at the concession stand over here know what you mean, even if you ordered “nachos with salsa dip”. I don’t think anyone would give you the stink eye.

      I probably wouldn’t do that in a foreign movie theater though 😉


    1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

      Certainly was! Could be that I see it again with Stefie tonight. She wasn’t with me the last time but the movie is still in theaters this weekend and she would like to see it.



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