March 15

Bought these pretty roses for my workmate G today. She’ll turn 40 tomorrow. 

But most importantly this: our Lee will support Roxette (ROXETTE!!!!) this July on their German dates in July.

No,I’m not exactly into Roxette. And the tickets are pretty expensive (relatively speaking). €90 for a decent seat only to see 30 mins of Lee and then having to sit through Roxette?? Sigh. So far the answer is no. 

For him though, this is the chance of a lifetime! The chance we’ve been hoping for soo long: that he can support a big artist/band with a large crowd. And so we’re of course happy campers right now 😊

And since I’ve posted the photo of the day already, I’m allowed to post THIS 😉😃



2 thoughts on “March 15

    1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

      I don’t know if I want that, actually. Right now we’re both not really into going on a full tour again just to see Lee supporting for 30 minutes again… no. At least not right now.

      And I really don’t want to sit through Roxette for 2+ hours several times.



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