March 17


Afternoon walk at the lake

Which is what we did in the afternoon. At 11am I had picked up S at the hospital (yes I’m allowed to leave work for a short stretch of time if necessary) and had ended my work day officially a tad bit more early than usual. a) because I wanted to celebrate with S and b) because it was such a wonderful day! Spring was in the air, the sky was perfectly blue and the sun was shining all day long… even though it was still a bit chilly, but that was ok. And it was the only positive day in the week, at least when we speak about weather, and so working overtime would have been a SIN!

And so we took a stroll at the Baldeneysee again before heading back to Velbert and having dinner at restaurant Wechselbar (which is actually located at the border beween Essen and Velbert). Been there numerous times before and they have excellent food. Highly recommendable. Also owner and staff are awesome people!

Celebrating with a glass of Prosecco.

“welcome treatment” was  Bruschetta. OMG!!!! Not even some good Italian restaurants are able to make such an AMAAAAAAZINGLY tasing Bruschetta. Must have been the best I’ve ever had. Told the waiter that they HAVE to put it as a regular on the menu.

8ABC2644-9C8B-46A4-8E80-5841E03C57BCMy main dish was fried salmon in lobster butter and tagliatelle with veggies on the side. To. Die. For. OMG was it good!!! S had variations of grilled meat (pork, chicken, beef) with fries (no pic)

Capuccino with a cute chocolate powder topping 🙂

A wonderful time was had by everyone.


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