March 20

“Nuhr in Rheda”

(I thought it was funny that  a) I caught him in the moment when he itched his nose and b) he was looking right into my camera… err phone. Also, I blurred out the other people in the pic because I don’t want to show their faces. They didn’t ask to be photographed by me and oploaded to an official blog.)

If you’re from Germany, you’ll most definitly know Dieter Nuhr. For those who are not: he’s a quite successful and popular cabaret artist (political stand-up comedy), author and television personality.

Originally he has studied art and history though and has a teacher’s degree.

While he’s studied painting, he’s not actively doing it anymore but instead has changed to photography. All this in his downtime if you will, because his job as a cabaret artist is the one that he earns his living with. And as I said, quite successfully so!

I’m very much into political stand-up and Nuhr is one of my favorites. Stefie hates stand-up (political and non-political) and couldn’t care less about Dieter Nuhr.

Yet we both found ourselves in Rheda-Wiedenbrück on Sunday for a Nuhr related event. No, I didn’t talk her into a ticket for his live program. (Tried that once with another cabaret artist which turned out to be a waste of money and time. For her. Not me.)

No, we actually went to the exhibition opening for Nuhr’s photography, titled “Nuhr in Rheda”.

I know about his photography for a while now. It’s not your typical travel photography or beautiful nature shots. Or portraits of people. Nuhr travels to parts of the world that are not necessarily touristy… or if he does, he doesn’t look for the glamouros sights but more the decay. The ugly parts. Used things. Forgotten things. Pictues that show that time leaves traces. His photos are not of the kind you’d frame and hang on your living room wall. It’s certainly not for everyone. Me, I find them very fascinating. I like that kind of photography very much.

Shown in the Orangerie of the castle in Rheda were about 14 or 15 photos, some in very large format. What I loved about some of these very large images… they almost looked like paintings. Not because they were edited so heavily but because of the subject. Some almost felt like they were 3D although they weren’t. In part it might be because they were so large. But also because of the motif. (I’m sorry, I find it very difficult to describe in English.)

Nuhr was there in person (why is it that people you only know from TV are so much smaller in real life :-D).

A lot of people were there… I’m not sure if they were really all interested in the photos or if some of them only wanted to see him in person for once… whatever. I wish there would have been more photos to see.

Here are some photos of the photos. And please mind that in NO WAY they can show what they looked like in reality.


Those two above almost looked like paintings. But they weren’t. But for me it maybe shows that Nuhr knows a thing or two about painting. He knows how to “paint with his camera” if you will.


I really like how he frames his shots. How you only see certain details but not the full image of where the photo was taken.


Loved this!! Doesn’t the left one look like either someone attached a beach photo to the wall with the pink tiles? Or as if there’s a funny frame around a beach photo? Or like it’s a photo montage? It isn’t, though. It’s a regular window in an old house that is located somewhere near a beach.



I can fully understand if someone says they have to time for ugly shit in photos. But if you’re into the art of photography, I think it’s very interesting how he composes his shots.

We visited some old industrial sites like former coal mines or steel factories that are now museums. Party this was during photography workshops. I loved these locations and the kind of photos you can take there. I like photos that only show details … surfaces… frames… shapes… that kind of stuff. And therefore I’m very much into his photography style.

So. We both enjoyed the exhibition and we both wished there would have been more to see. I will keep an eye out if he announces more exhibitions of his work. I know this wasn’t the first one and probably won’t be the last.

Later we took a walk through the park of the castle and had a coffee in their café. Here are some iPhone shots from the park.



Later we visited S’s Mom who lives about 30 minutes from Rheda-Wiedenbrück. Back on home turf we went to Essen for dinner and saw a movie.




One thought on “March 20

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    That picture is GREAT!

    I’m with S. Can’t stand Stand Up.

    His photos are very cool, but yours of the park are some of my favorite photos of yours EVER!!!! I love them.

    As for the beach house, I immediately saw it as a window in a house and we’re looking outside. Nothing that you saw. 😀



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