March 27


Very uninspiring photo, I see that. Please forgive me. We did nothing all day but lying around on our lazy behinds, watching season 5.

Photo is of an espresso and a vanilla pudding from the gocery store.

And now we’re caught up on everything GoT and now I can finally read everything what’s on the internet that I had to avoid for the last year or so. Now I can read every Jon-fucking-Snow related post there is, because WTF?????

What! The! F*ck!




All I want is to continue with season 6 to find out what really happened. But I can’t watch when it comes out in April because it’s only on our damn pay-tv channel. I have briefly thought about getting a subscription only to watch season 6 as it airs and not have to avoid spoilers again and wait for the DVD. But then… almost 20 Euro per month for one year ONLY to see some of the good shows out there and a few movies that we have all seen at the cinema anyway? Doesn’t make sense, I guess.

And so I have to start avoiding spoilers again and only carefully skim my Twitter feed on Mondays after the new episodes have aired in the US.

Damn 😦


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