March 28


“Everyone wants happiness. No one wants pain. But you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.”

On our way home from the movie theater the sky turned all kinds of there’s-some-shitty-weather-coming-up colors and not long before rain came pouring down. And then, all of a sudden, the sun came out again. And this was the result: one of the most beautiful rainbows I’ve ever seen. Could only take the photo through the wet windshield, but still. What a sight!! Too bad they don’t last long…

Before the rainbow though, we had to endure a movie. It was the much-hyped Batman vs Superman.

OMG what a drag!!! How can you ruin a movie that features two of the most iconic superheroes so thoroughly?

No worries, I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it yet. But let me just say that

a) the story was bullshit! They couldn’t come up with a solid reason why these two would fight against each other. That was too much TRY and it failed.

b) I was skeptical but at least I was open to change my mind. Didn’t happen though. Ben Affleck as Batman didn’t convince me. Why in the world did he look like a f*ing sourpuss all the time? Yes he was pissed off, but please! His facial expression didn’t move an inch for 90% of the time.

c) Superman was as boring as he was in the first (reboot) movie. Also he came across like an idiot more than once, if you ask me.

d) those action scenes… no thanks! Nothing against good action. And superhero movies need some action. But not like this. Dumb!

e) Why so serious? You can make good action superhero movies without taking yourself so seriously. A little bit of humor would have suited them well but was nowhere to be seen. Check ANY Avengers movie. No matter if it’s the two that feature the whole bunch, or the individual movies about e.g. Thor, Iron Man or Captain America: in all of them is action, but also – always – a lot of humor. This is essential.

f) Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Um… what was that??? Since when is Lex Luthor a crazy-ass lunatic? Evil, yes. But not like this. Or is he? To me Lex Luthor looked like a really really bad copy of the Joker. Anyone seen the three Christian Bale Batman movies? Anyone saw  The Dark Knight in particular? #2 in that trilogy? THIS is how you do it!!! THIS is what a decent villain looks like. Eisenberg’s portrait of Lex-Luthor-who-wanted-to-be-as-badass-as-The-Joker was only one thing: ANNOYING!

g) what was Lois Lane’s journalist investigator sideline story good for? It didn’t fit in AT ALL and obviously only served to keep the character of Lois Lane in the movie, but they couldn’t come up with a more useful storyline for her.

No wonder the movie failed with the critics. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it also fails with the regular audience.

However… I want to finish this post with some more photos after the rain. As I said, they were taken through the windshield. At least I wasn’t driving this time around 😉


Driving through Werden, which is a quarter of Essen, to a dramatic sky.


A few minutes later… the light has totally changed.


Look at these clouds!!! Taken from my living room window.


3 thoughts on “March 28

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Ok I’m back.

    a) The Story. Well, as someone who has never seen any Batman or Superman movies and know absolutely nothing about them other than what they look like and that Superman is really Clark Kent and has a girlfriend named Lois Lane, I really needed some kind of story, that’s for sure. It was all a bit confusing for me and for Carolyn who also had never seen any Batman or Superman movies. When the little boy is rising from the cave where the bats are, she leaned over to me and said “So I guess that’s the story of how he became Batman?” I guess so. As for the story about why they were fighting each other, I guess it was because Batman thought Superman was causing a lot of bad stuff to happen in the world so he wanted to get rid of him? Jen, who HAS seen Batman and Superman movies said “If they would just stop and learn how to communicate with each other…tsk tsk…”

    b) Sour puss. I did a lot of Wiki reading today and I guess there are several different versions of all these characters in the various comic books, movies, TV shows, etc. The current version of Batman is trying to go back to the original brooding Batman character. I guess that is how Ben expresses his broodiness.

    c) Boring and an Idiot. Since I don’t know any other Supermans and am not comparing him to any previous Supermans, I had no complaints about this Superman. When he was in the kitchen wearing just his shorts and his hairy chest and stomach were exposed, Carolyn leaned over and said to Jen and I, something like “He can’t get much more yummy than that, can he?” Yah, we all agreed he was nice to look at, even though I prefer my men smooth. On FB Jen had posted a picture of HER adult coloring book. It’s pages of hunky men. I whispered to her “Is HE in your coloring book?” Ha!

    d) I wasn’t impressed with the action scenes either.

    e) There was some stuff our group found quite funny and/or entertaining. There was a reference to Smallville which got a chuckle but was lost on me since I didn’t know that was the name of Superman’s hometown and that the TV show by the same name is about him in his hometown. We all chuckled whenever our well-known news people came on screen, like Soledad O’Brien and Anderson Cooper. That was great. We all agreed our favorite line was when Batman & Superman say “Is she with you? No! I thought she was with you!”

    f) Lex Luthor – You asked since when is he a crazy-ass lunatic. Since they decided to bring him back to how he was originally supposed to be. The original Lex Luthor had “a full head of read hair” and was one of those brilliant lunatic kind of people. I thought Jesse Eisenberg was fantastic playing that and Jen and I agreed he was fully committed to it and totally believeable.

    And to ahswer your question, no, I have not seen the three Christian Bale Batman movies nor have I seen The Dark Knight in particular.

    g) Lois Lane – Yah, I didn’t like her at all. Who I did like was Wonder Woman. What a great job they did casting her!!!! I read about the actress who plays her. She’s from Israel and when she was 18 she had to go into the military for 2 years. Between that training and all the martial arts training she got for the movie, that’s why she looked so convincing in the way she holds her sheild and stuff. I thought her scenes during the final battle were the best part of the movie. I think Superman should dump Lois and get together with Wonder Woman.

    And now I’d like to add an h) if I may.

    h) Diane Lane!!!!!! OMG. Seriously??? Diane Lane, looking like a hag, playing Superman’s mother. That was terrible. After the movie, Rachel, who has seen the movies and knows the comic books, said Superman’s mom is an elderly grandma type that you would think knits and bakes cookies. She said Diane was too young to be HER Martha.

    We were all confused about Batman suddenly giving up the fight with Superman when he learns Superman’s mother’s name is Martha and that his own mother’s name is Martha. I asked “So do they have the same mother????” No one was sure of the answer to that. Now that I’ve read Wiki I don’t think so, but that was just weird.

    We stuck around for the credits to see if they were going to show us anything afterwards so that we would know Superman isn’t really dead. There was nothing after the credits, but according to Wiki, when they showed the dirt on the coffin down in the grave we were supposed to have been able to hear his heart beat and see the dirt moving. We did not. Of course we know he’s alive because there are more movies coming out.

    They did show us a behind the scenes program after the movie. They interviewed the producer who is the wife of the director. That was all very interesting.

    They showed us that in the next movie there will be Flash and Aquaman. Aquaman looks pretty hunky in the picture they showed us. Flash always makes me laugh because that’s the character my manager, Steve, played when our Sales Department did a superheroes kind of skit. Didn’t realize that was Flash that appeared in the dream that Batman was having.

    One thing I was disappointed about, I thought Batman LIVES in a cave but maybe that was just for the TV series. I have visited the Bronson Caves where they filmed scenese of Batman so that’s why I thought he would be living in a cave in the movie.

    I didn’t LOVE the movie, but I enjoyed it and it’s always fun having these company movie nights no matter if the movie is bad or good. I just like hangiing out with my co-workers. We always have a good time.

    I’m glad my boss paid the $16 for my ticket. This movie was not worth $16 in my opinion.



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