April 1

“… und diese Biene die ich meine nennt sich Maya…”


That line is part of the theme song for “Die Biene Maya”

For the non-German readers:

Maya the Bee (German: Die Biene Maja) is the main character in The Adventures of Maya the Bee, a German book, comic book series and animated television series, first written by Waldemar Bonsels and published in 1912. The book has been published in many other languages.ย  (source: Wikipedia)

Every child and every adult in Germany knows Maya. And I’m sure, everyone can sing along to the title song. It must be one of the most iconic title songs to a TV series ever! A song no one can basically hate. No way.

Wanna listen? Go here

As for MY Maya The Bee… she sat on my windshield this afternoon. And actually posed and totally looked into my camera, or did she?

Extraordinairy, what cool photos one can take just with an iPhone :-D.

(Also I wanna point out that this is an April-fools-free zone here. Anyone else tired of stupd April-fool jokes?)



3 thoughts on “April 1

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Cute song and great photo! Poor Maya wouldn’t stand a chance on my windshield. I’d be so afraid that she’d find a way into my car I would’ve squashed her with the windshield wipers by now. {shudder}


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Jinjer, I would really like to believe that she could escape your wipers. I really don’t need the mental picture of Maya the Bee being squashed by stupid wipers!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks Irma. And yeah… sorry about the “earworm” but I’m infected now, too with it.



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