March 31

Three Things

1. Those arrived today. Does that mean I’m obsessed? :-/

Phantom klein

2. Saw this in the little park next to my house. Some people are such disgusting pigs! I hate people!


3. Hello Summer Tires! But Oh Spring Where Art Thou?



2 thoughts on “March 31

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    I can’t click on your pic to enlarge so I’m assuming those are 3 Phantom of the Opera DVDs? With different cast members or something? I hate those kind of pigs, too. There are huge trash cans in our alley yet people are always just tossing trash into the alley itself. WTF??? I like that picture of the tire and I’m glad we never have to change our tires for the seasons only because I’m so lazy I would never get around to it and then I’d drive with the wrong tires and who knows what happens when you do THAT? But I know ME and I know I’d be too lazy to mess with it. You’re looking for Spring and we’re saying “Oh dear God is it April already??? It will be 100 before we know it. Ugh.”


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Yes, three Phantom DVDs. BluRays actually. The first one is a recording of a 25th anniversary show at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The second one is a movie, starring Gerald Butler out of all people as the Phantom. Is getting decent reviews though, so I’ll give it at try. And the third is the sequel to the original story. You know, the one that I said I wouldn’t want to see. Yeah… right :-/. At least it wasn’t expensive… not like spending a fortune on a musical ticket. If it turns out shit, there wasn’t a lot of money wasted. If it turns out great, I may have to convince someone to buy musical tickets for Hamburg 😉

    We have a perfectly working garbage collection system here, too. I don’t know why some a**holes are too lazy to put garbage into garbage bins.

    If you lived in an area where you get snow and frozen and slippery streets in the winter, you WOULD go through the … um… “hassle”… and get winter tires. (It’s not a hassle at all, by the way. I drive to the garage, they change the tires, which takes about 15 minutes, they store the summer/winter tires, I pay and be out again. It’s the easiest thing in the world.) You have never driven on snowy streets, that’s why you’re talking like that. Apart from that you wouldn’t want to pay the fine if the cops catch you with summer tires on winter-y streets.



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