April 4

Movie night


We saw Suffragette at the Union in Bochum. Every Monday they show movies that are just out of the theaters for half the regular price. We had unfortunately missed this movie and so this was a great opportunity.

It’s the story about the British Suffragette movement of women who risked jobs, familiy and even lifes to fight to the right to vote.

Overall it was a good movie, but I think it focussed a tad bit too much on the personal life of one of its (fictional) characters, played by Carey Mulligan. At times it wasn’t clear whether the movie wanted to be about the historical facts of these women or if it’s more a movie about the personal drama and marriage problems of one single woman.

The charactes featured were partly based on women who have actually lived and party fictional characters. Meryl Streep had a cameo.

For those who were looking for more insight into what really went on during that time, might be disappointed. Me, I still liked it.



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