April 10

Another picture post…

… but not as long as yesterday’s.

This time we went to Wuppertal, which is Velbert’s neighbor town. Again… a little bit of history, taken from Wikipedia:

Wuppertal (German pronunciation: [ˈvʊpɐtaːl]) is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located in and around the river Wupper valley, and is situated east of the city of Düsseldorf and south of the Ruhr area. With a population of approximately 350,000, it is the largest city in the Bergisches Land. Wuppertal is known for its steep slopes, its woods and parks, and its suspension railway, the Wuppertal Schwebebahn. Two-thirds of the total municipal area of Wuppertal is green space. From any part of the city, it is only a ten-minute walk to one of the public parks or woodland paths.

Railway tracks of the famous Schwebebahn (or for the English readers: the Wuppertal Suspension Railway IMG_3042IMG_3045IMG_3047IMG_3049IMG_3054

IMG_3058IMG_3060Ugly architecture, striking colors.

IMG_3062IMG_3064forebodingly through the night

is it autumn yet?

typical architecture of the “Bergisches Land” with the typical green shutters.


IMG_3084Bruschetta. Tasted awesome!!

IMG_3085And now this. As seen in an art gallery. I mean… seriously? Who in their right mind would pay 1.250 Euro for this? Yeah… it’s of course all a matter of taste and how you perceive “art”. I think I’ve mentioned this in another post when we visited an art exhibition: if I see a painting and like it, I like it. If I see a painting and think it looks like shit and the experts consider it art… fine. The painting in the photo – to me – looks like shit. Full of negativity. Would drive me insane having it up on the wall in my home.


And this? Someone decided to paint some big tits. Done.
That this has even found its way into an art gallery… But I guess, only idiots like me who know nothing about the art of painting and only color silly colouring books would think that this simply looks AWFUL.  Sorry.

The End.



2 thoughts on “April 10

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Loooove the Schwebebahn pics, especially the first and second one. I HAVE TO RIDE ON THAT TRAIN!!!!!

    Ugly architecture / striking colors is very cool. Love the red and blue.


    Looooooooove the “typical architecture of the “Bergisches Land” with the typical green shutters.”

    Love the church at the end of the street.

    Bruschetta looks yummy!

    I don’t like the painting of the bodacious ta tas, but I love the one above it. Is that a painting of the Schwebebahn??? Only a dollar and 25 cents? I’ll take it!



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