April 8

“Colour in a picture is like enthusiasm in life” ~ Vincent van Gogh


Yesterday I told you about my sleep-deprived-ness (that may not be a word). The reason is NOT because I’m still suffering from what’s left of my bronchitis or something (because there IS nothing left) or because my job may be stressful.

The reason is solely because I don’t get enough sleep during the week. I need my regular 7-8 hours to be able to fully function. I can live with less sleep for a short while, but not for a longer stretch of time.

So why didn’t I get enough sleep in the past you ask? Well… because I have a new addiction. No, it doesn’t involve drugs. At least not of the usual kind. My current drug of choice is the so called Adult Coloring.

According to how much Audult Coloring is hyped at the moment, and seeing how many Adult Coloring Books are being sold at book- and stationary-shops, there’s a fair chance you’ve heard about the new phenomenon.

Remember childhood coloring books? Yeah, who doesn’t. It’s just that illustrations in the adult coloring books are much more detailed. The process of coloring is said to be very relaxing, de-stressing and almost like meditation. I wouldn’t go that far to say it’s like therapy or meditation. But it’s definitely fun. By now one can choose from a wide array of designs, from flowery to nature in general to animals to mandalas … even coloring books of e.g. Harry Potter designs or Game of Throne designs exist. There’s basically nothing that doesn’t exist.

Your coloring tool of choice may be the goold ol’ color pencil or the felt tip pen or gel pens, even text markers … you name it.

And here I am… having fallen for the new trend… sitting there for HOURS in the evening, completely forgetting about the time, and realizing at 1am that I’m still coloring although I should really be in bed because the alarm rings at 6am. Problem is, once I get started, it’s soooo hard to stop. It’s such a wonderful thing to get completely lost…

Here are some more examples.

Spend quite some money on tons of felt tip pens, text markers and color pencils just recently. And yes, I DO shake my head about myself a little bit…

Gotta say that I don’t like all the pages in my recent coloring book. It didn’t cost that much and I bought it as a test if I would even like to color. Turns out I do and so I plan to buy a book with nicer (to me at least) illustrations. So far, the uncrowned queen of coloring book drawers is Johanna Basford. Check out some of her illustrations -> here <-.

I’m sure I’ll be posting more coloring results in the near future 😉


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