April 11

Postcards from Memphis


Received these three beautiful postcards from my BFF in the USA today. Thanks Jinjer!! 🙂 <3. Love them! Love getting postcards!

So we’re talking about the Elvis Presley Memphis, right? I was just wondering because I don’t see any ‘Graceland’ images on the postcards. I would have guessed that this would be a featured object on EVERY postcard from Memphis 😉

Also, I’m still surprised that Memphis, Tennessee is so close to the place you were visiting. So are both locations very close to their respective state boarders then?

As for the blue pyramid in the first postcard… reminds me of a blue pyramid building we saw 2008 in California, in… in… where was it??? Can you help me out here? Do you know which one I mean? I think that one was a sports arena ?!?

Are the cable cars more a tourist-y thing or still regular public transportation? (Or maybe you don’t know since you’ve only seen the airport so far ?!?)

Anyway… thanks for these!! And how cool is it, that your favorite Lee MacDougall pen is a loyal travel companion?!? 😉


One thought on “April 11

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Yayyyyy! So glad they arrived, together! Yes that’s Elvis’ Memphis. Graceland is like RIGHT BY the airport but both times I’ve been there someone else was picking me up or dropping me off so I wasn’t able to see it.

    The Mississippi River is the border between Arkansas & Tennessee. Memphis is right on the river. My Mom lives 2 1/2 hours from Memphis.

    No clue about the cable cars. Didn’t see any between the river and the airport. LOL

    The pyramid WE went to was the one in Long Beach, which I didn’t even know existed until two girls from Germany told me about it. It’s called the Walter Pyramid and yes I had to Google that. I remembered it was in Long Beach but that’s all I remembered.

    Yah, I almost got into a panic on the weekend when I couldn’t find my Lucky LMD pen. I have no idea why I call it my “lucky” LMD pen. No clue whatsoever. The name just popped in my head and has stuck there. So far I don’t know that it’s brought me any luck yet, but maybe it’s going to. Anyway, I found it safely in my purse. Whew!



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