April 13

#TeamCap !


I know, all you people who are not movie lovers and not Avengers nerds and don’t even know what Marvel is, couldn’t care less. You’re excused.

For everyone else: THIS is what I’m going to watch one of these days. I need to rewatch the first two Captain America movies so that I remember completely every detail before seeing the next installment: Captain America: Civil War. This is going to be epic, I’m sure. Forget all the Batman v Superman nonsense. Cap and Iron Man having their panties in a bunch will be the real deal.

Those two DVDs arrived today, by the way. Yay.

Also I’ve tested a new camera / photo edit app. This is just testing testing one two one two… no judgement necessary. Thanks.


And lastly: I’m Gryffindor.

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

If you’re into Harry Potter, you know what that means. For everyone else: just ignore.

(No, I’m not exactly a Harry Potter fan and haven’t read the books. I was just curious and so I took the test today.)


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