April 14

A lady in a van and a stylish cocktail


It was a movie night. We saw The Lady in the Van at the Casablanca in Bochum. A wonderful little movie starring the even more wonderful Maggie Smith in a story that is based on real events. She’s playing Miss Shepherd, an eccentric homeless old woman who lives in a van that she has parked in the front drive of Alan Bennett, an English playwright, screenwriter, actor and author in real life and of course in the movie. Bennett had turned this story already into a play and also adapted it for BBC radio. Maggie Smith already played the role of Miss Shepherd in the original theatre production from 1999.

I loved the movie very much. But how mindblowingly great was Maggie Smith??? Yes I had heard before that this could might as well be a homeless Lady Dowager from Downton Abbey. Sure. But really? I never thought about that for a second while watching the movie. She was THAT believable as that homeless lady who isn’t really who she says she is and we only find out about her secrets as the story slowly unfolds. Party drama, partly comedy with the typical subtle dry British humor, and to me, Maggie Smith’s performance would almost be worth an Oscar nomination. She was that good.

After the movie it was time for a drink, and I had a Martini/Grey Goose at the Angels Lounge. I love that cocktail so much! You have to search very well here though, to find a place that actually serves Grey Goose vodka. It’s the best you can get!



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