April 18

Couldn’t Decide


Each day I have to ask myself the same question: what will be the photo of the day? I know I know… it’s a hard decision to make, day in, day out. Tough job, but someone’s got to do it, right?

As I said when I started with all of this: it’s not going to be some sophisticated blog with serious insights, skilled writing, important messages and deep thoughts. If you’re waiting for that, you’ve come to the wrong place. This blog is basically just a personal challenge for me, to find something to photograph each day, whatever that may be. On some days it’s easier because I’m out and about, doing things. On other days it’s more difficult because all I’m doing is going to work in the morning, maybe stopping at the grocery on the way home, and then being at home doing stuff or not and then going to bed.

Today is such a day. An eventless day, that is. (No wait! Uneventful is the correct word here, right?)

And while being on my way out of the office up to the parking lot, I came across the tree or bush with the pretty white flowers in the pic above. I thought that before I find nothing else to take a pic of, I better take one right here and now. These flowers are pretty enough to upload them as photo of the day.

Then, when I was at home fixing my dinner, I thought I could might as well take a food pic again. Which turned out as follows: I documented the process of cooking.


  1. put frozen mixed veggies in a wok, heat them them up and set them aside.
  2. put chicken tenders and chili peppers in the same wok (optional: add lots of garlic. I didn’t today… which is an exception of the rule.)
  3. decide, which sauce you want to add (sweet/sour, Cantonese or Thai Coconut)
  4. mix the veggies, the chicken tenders/chillies with the sauce of your choice (I chose sweet/sour)
  5. put it on a plate, together with cooked rice
  6. enjoy your meal
  7. enjoy the 2nd half of the meal tomorrow at work for lunch

I should mention that I like these ready-to-use sauces because it means the meal is ready very quickly. I’m not such a devoted cook that I would spend all too much time to make a dinner. At least not when I cook for me alone. If I cook for friends/family, I don’t use these little helpers.

And then… lastly… I had to say good-bye to my lovely gerberas. The ones that I bought on March 30!

Can you believe that these pretty babies survived 19 days? Is that normal for gerberas? I’m not a flower expert. But I thought it was pretty long. Maybe because they were so admired and taken care of! But today there was no denying anymore that they had run their course. Bye bye pretty gerberas. You were eye candy for so long …

(It’s totally normal to speak about a bouquet of flowers like that, right? :-/ )


And so I ended up with 3 photos of the day on an otherwise event-less day.



3 thoughts on “April 18

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    uneventful. That food looks yummy! We get Uncle Ben’s rice here but I don’t think I’ve ever seen his sauces. I’ll look for them. This is not something I would cook at home for me, but it’s definitely something to cook next time I’m at my mother’s. She and I love that kind of stuff. Your dead babies are very cool looking.



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