April 19

Spontaneous Book Purchase


For the non-German readers: the title of the book is The Peacock. The author is German, it’s her debut novel and the inside of the book cover tells me that she’s an award-winning translator of novels by authors like Nick Hornby, Jane Gardam and Jonathan Safran Foer.

So there’s such a thing like awards for book translators? Who knew…

The thing is: already a couple weeks ago that book cover caught my eye when I saw it in a book store. Read the synopsis on the back, thought it sounded interesting, but didn’t buy it.

Today, while running errants in Velbert, I also went into our book store. (I never miss the opportunity to stroll though a book store if there’s even a minute of time.) And there was that book again. I picked it up and in that second a saleswoman walked by and said “you’ve GOT to buy that book!”
“Really?”, I said.
“Yes! It’s SO good! It’s my favorite book at the moment. It’s in fact the favorite book of all of us here. Wonderful story… so funny! You’ll laugh.. but sometimes you’ll be sad… it’s full of that typical British humor. You’ve GOT to buy that book!”

Wow. Doesn’t happen often that someone in a book shop is THAT excited about one of their books. I checked the price… € 18,99… Hmmm… it’s more the exception than the rule that I buy a hardcover for myself just so. (Haven’t I mentioned exactly that in another post just recently?). But I spontaneously decided to buy it nevertheless.

Strolled through the shop some more and also chose a nice new coloring book (not for me but as a present) and then went to the checkout. When the guy there saw my book, his eyes lighted up and he was like
“OMG you will LOVE that book! It’s soooo good.”
“I’ve heard about that”, I replied.
“We all love it here. It’s our favorite book at the moment.” And he continued to tell me more or less the same about it like the woman before. But it all didn’t sound like they all wanted to sell a certain book to people no matter what. They all looked and sounded so believable… so enthusiastic… that was real book-joy LOL.

And so here I am with a new book. For some reason I had the impression that the author was British, since everyone kept mentioning the witty British humor. And while the checkout guy had said something about a very good translator, I thought he meant that the book was not only well written by the British author, but also brilliantly translated. No… the author is German and a translator of British books.

I’ve tried to tanslate the short description on the back for you.

“One of the peacocks had gone mad”.
(This is also the first sentence of the novel.)
Thus he brings the team-building weekend of a bankers group in the Scottish Highlands into chaos. A subtle comedy in the best British style.
Okay, that’s not much. The inside flap has a larger describtion that I’m honestly to lazy to translate. All I can say is: the author has my immediate attenion.
I’ll be back with a review when I’ve finished the book. All I have to do now is putting the coloring pen aside and start reading 😉
Stay tuned.

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