April 20



It’s not yet Christmas, but still I got two presents today.

The first friendly giver was my boss who gave me her favorite hand cream as a present. We had talked about favourite handcream brands before and she told me about hers (me, I don’t really have one, to be honest). She must have bought new one just lately and thought about giving her hard-working assistant one to try it out. Nice of her. Yes I know… a tube of hand cream is nothing special…I still found it nice of her.

And then later in the day one of our HR business partners came in and handed my workmate and I that little box. What looks at first like some kind of jewlery, tuns out to be a … hmmm… is there a word for this in English? You see it in the photo. You can hang your handbag on it when you’re e.g. out and about and don’t know where to put it. Which… isn’t that some typical Granny thing, such a “handbag holder” or whatever you call it?

Engraved on the front is “Lieblingskunde” which translates to “favorite client”. It was very nice of him. And it certainly doesn’t look and feel like cheap crap. Still I’m not sure it’s something I’m going to use regularly.

Whatever the case… receiving presents, not matter how small… is always a nice thing and I will certainly not complain.


One thought on “April 20

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Nice!!! I don’t know what the thing is called either, but someone gave me one once. I thought it was a great idea and used it once at a restaurant and it worked well. However, anyone who knows me knows that is way too dangerous for me. I’m sure to walk away with my purse still hanging from the table. I can’t be trusted with anything like that. My purse has to be on the floor, between my feet so that I FEEL its presence and am completely aware of it at all times. It’s the only way to guarantee I don’t forget my purse.



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