April 23

Going Home


I don’t have a Mom anymore, and I don’t have a Dad anymore. Not even Grandparents. To all of you who have all, or at least one… be thankful and take care about your folks. They won’t be around forever and they may be gone sooner than you think.

What I do have though, are my dear Auntie A and my dear Uncle H. No, I don’t call her Auntie really. Only call her by her first name (and I’m one of the few who’s allowed to shorten it). My Uncle H I do call Uncle though. And now don’t ask me why. It’s like that since I am in this world.

They are the only close family members I have left and I love them very very dearly!

We visit each other at least twice a year. I visit them in spring, they visit me around my birthday.

So A is a big fan of Phantom of the Opera. And I was just recently infected with that virus very very much. Loved it already in Hamburg but it got me even more in Oberhausen last month. While still being in the theater, it occured to me that I could ask A if she’d like to visit me and we’d see it together one more time. I know that Uncle H isn’t interested in seeing it and S doesn’t need a 3rd time… but A hasn’t seen it in a while. But is still a huge fan.

Asked her. She said YES without thinking much, and now we have a date: May 28 she and Uncle H come over to Velbert, we’ll drop him off at the CentrO in Oberhausen (big mall) and A and I will see the afternoon show. Plan was that she’d give me the money for the ticket when I came to visit. But please!! It was A’s birthday a couple weeks ago and of course I planned to give her the ticket as a birthday present.

S came up with the idea to use e.g. the show program. But I would have had to drive to the theater in Oberhausen to get one and these things are always overpriced. No… why not using the novel “The Phantom” by Susan Kay. I’ve read it a long time ago when I was not yet interested in the musical at all and it’s a GREAT novel! I wanted to buy a new one but the edition I have is out of print. A new one is underway after many years but it’s not out yet. Hmmm… and so I decided to use my old, slightly tattered one. Well, the condition is still alright though. I also made a card to put the ticket in, using a cutout of the Phantom‘s mask. And OF COURSE I needed a red rose!

For the result, see my photo of the day above. 🙂

Awww… she was in tears when she saw it. She’s looking forward to seeing that musical again SO MUCH and she loved the gift wrapping. And she said she’ll definitely read the book! Looking forward to what she has to say.

And I can’t wait for May 28!!!

The rest of the day was of course wonderful as usual. It’s always great to visit and to talk for hours and to enjoy some cake and coffee and a good meal. (No pics of either though).

Earlier in the day I had visited two graves. Took a pic at my Dad’s but not at my Mom’s.

Rest in peace, Mama & Papa ❤



2 thoughts on “April 23

  1. iflachs

    Absolutely beautiful wrapped! Brings up tears in me, too, specially with the words you wrote. Wish both of you so much fun for May 28th and please give A a little kiss from me too :-*



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