April 24



Spent the afternoon at S’s, putting together our new Streetteam Meeting …. um… brochure? Program? Whatver you call it.

Streetteam Meeting?

Yes, we from Lee MacDougall Streetteam Germany organize a member’s meeting each year (to be dead honest, it was the first time last year :-D). Of course there’s a special musical guest (guess who, I can say it’s not Bobby Long 😉 ) and other people can of course join us (if they are willing to participate in the costs, which aren’t that big of a deal though).

S and I had made such an accompanying little … magazine or whatever (Jinjer, you know what we made. Tell me again what it is called in proper English) with some articles, lyrics, lots of live photos, and a quiz.

Our next ST meeting is on May 6, which is also S’s birthday, and so we’ll have a ST Meeting/Birthday Bash. And we need another magazine-of-sorts.

It’s a lot of work but it’s almost done. Thank God we have S and her Photoshop skills 😉


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