April 27

Are we in Westeros?

Because … Winter is coming. (Those In The Know know what the hell I’m talking about)

No, there was no snow here today. (Not even Jon.) (Okay, that joke was lame. So what.)

Well… at least not in Velbert. Which is unusual since there was practically snow chaos in our neighbortown Wuppertal later this afternoon with parts of the A46 completely closed because of several accidents, ice on the street and whatnot.

Not to speak of the Eifel region where it looks like it’s Christmas anytime soon (or the White Walkers are coming).

This is a collage of (heavily edited) photos, taken today. I wish the one bottom left could show you the full force of hailstorm that came down in the afternoon. Accompanied by BIIIIG thunder!!!

The rest was dramatic clouds and more rain.



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