April 28

Sunny Side Up


When you don’t know what to say, you talk about the weather.

That’s basically me today. Nothing interesting to report, so let’s talk about the weather again. It was actually a nice day here in Velbert. I’m very grateful for this…. especially after I saw what’s going on in Austria right now. If someone had told me those were scenes from mid December, I would have believed it. They are drowning in tons of snow. Like… TONS! Worse than it was in winter. Remember, we have reached the end of April.

It’s just awful. But nothing you can do about it, right? Can’t force nature.

Wanna leave you today with another photo I took out of my living room window. That’s when the sun left us again and some dark clouds and rain came up. Kinda like it.

Alright… see you tomorrow!



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