April 29

Pumped Up


For those of you who have never seen such a thing: this is a blood pressure meter. No, I’m not at the doc’s, I’m at home. Because my doc has ordered that my blood pressure needs to be monitored for 24 hours. Because at 3 different routine checks in the past few months my blood pressure appeard slightly too high.

To make sure these results weren’t just temporary, he said it would be necessary to monitor it for 24 hours. Grrreeeaat. I never had problems with my blood pressure before. Especially not with high pressure. I’m pretty sure the slightly higher numbers are due to a) my No-Sports attitude and b) not always healthy eating. I’m sure it would go down if I only moved my lazy behind a bit more. But my doc wanted to be SURE that the blood pressure IS too high and so I have to live with this thing around my arm (which is connected to a little box that I’m wearing with a belt around my waist. Blood pressure is checked every 15 minutes and when it starts to pump up I need to hold my arm still until it is done. At night it only works every 30 minutes. We’ll see how I’ll be able to live with that for the next 24 hours.


One thought on “April 29

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    I am terrified of having my blood pressure taken after learning about what can happen if it’s done wrong so I freak out on the rare occasion when I go to the doctor and have to have a reading taken. My blood pressure was first reported as high whenever It’s My Life came out and they wanted me to stop in at CVS or Walgreens a couple times a day and take my blood pressure with the self-service machines they have there. Uh, NO. No way I could hook myself up to something like that and hope for the best. So that was the end of that. Good luck!



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