April 30

I’m Free Again


Okay, that wasn’t the most fun thing every, but it also wasn’t the worst. You get used to it after a while and I even got some sleep at night. 10am this morning I was allowed to take it off. I’ll get the results in a few weeks.

Other things I did today:
Test-cooking the “Berliner Kartoffelsuppe” (potato soup Berlin style) because that’s what I’ll be cooking for the party. It’s not difficult but I have never cooked it before and so I have to do a test. S, her Dad and Granny will be test eaters.


Early afternoon at the shopping mall… a little break with a chocolate waffle topped with chocolate sauce and egg liquor and choco ice cream on the side. Delicious!!!


Also… please meet my new Swatch watch! I’m a tad bit obsessed with Swatch watches… if I could would buy a new one each week.

(No need to be polite, Jinjer, I know you hate these kind of watches, right? 😀 )



One thought on “April 30

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Thank god that’s over with and you survived it. What do they consider “high” blood pressure in Germany? My Mom’s was 190 over something recently so she had to have blood tests. Blood tests came out fine so all they suggest is she drink more water and they’re changing her medication a bit to see if that does anything. When she got home from the doctor the reading on her machine at home said her blood pressure was down to 140 over something. Go figure.


    What makes the potato soup “berlin style”? Looks delicious! Gimme.

    Yah, Swatch is not for me. I like bracelet style watches. Not that I ever wear a watch or any piece of jewelry. Almost wore a favorite silver & turquoise bracelet with my Friday work outfit but decided my hands are way too ugly to have attention drawn to them and put it back in the drawer.



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