May 1

I can’t believe I haven’t written since April 30th and now have to catch up on 10 days. Sigh. But believe me… there are some stressful days behind me (and probably ahead of me).

Without further ado now though: here’s the Photo Of The Day for the First of May. (Which was a public holiday in Germany: Labor Day).


The day was spent in Dürrn (near Pforzheim, Baden-Württemberg) at the garden party of our friend M. She had invited herself a talented musician. If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll recognize him: yes of course it’s Bobby Long :-).

It was his second time at M’s (parent’s) house. Last time was November 1st, 2015 and everyone including himself had such a great time, that it was no question he’d be coming back. He sat on the patio while everyone else took a seat on the lawn, and he played for a bit more than one hour. It was a perfect mix of his own songs (preferrably those he hadn’t played during the 2 weeks he was on tour) and cover songs. M had told everyone to shout in whatever they liked, he’d try to play it. Someone joked “Britney Spears” and he laughed and said “well… maybe not that”.

But of course, the funnyman that he is, he started out his performance with a not half bad version of “Baby One More Time”. Hilarious but still great! :-D.

From Bob Dylan to Bob Marley, from Tom Waits to the Beatles, from Oasis to Bon Jovi… it was basically something for everyone.

I had requested BJ’s “Wanted Dead Or Alive” and although it came quite unexpected for him and he had to dug up the lyrics on his laptop, and although the famous guitar intro wasn’t exactly 100% perfect (for which I didn’t blame him at all), he nailed it for me :-D.

It was a very FUN afternoon with a guy that we’ll always love no matter what, with yummy food, great people… and the weather played along just fine, too!


108Gladly signing CDs and whatever else you wanted him to sign.

126Please meet the family dog: Jula. Already an elderly girl but she’s soooo cute!!!

132More autographs for the girls.


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